Emily Wood is a multidisciplinary artist exploring her relationship to local Scottish landscapes, responding to the sense of time, place, natural cycles, and environmental concerns. The artist’s practice is concerned with researching and documenting embodied experience through touch and material investigation. Wood currently lives and works in the West Coast of Scotland, and is currently in her third year of Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art. Working primarily in printmaking, photography, and drawing, recently the artist has employed alternative photographic processes including cyanotype, phytogram, and spore printing with organic matter from local woodland and coastline spaces, to foster a more sustainable artistic practice. This process-led practice invites nature to collaborate, often working in the landscape to allow the natural rhythms of weather, seasons, and growth and decay cycles to decide the visual outcome of the work. Engaging with nature’s biological and chemical processes, the work is often never fully fixed; matter continues to shift over time as it reacts to changing environments. Her considered approach to image-making reflects the impermanence of habitats, questioning our current position within an ecologically damaged planet.