Emily Wood's practice is a synthesis of art, material design, and ecology, collaborating with living systems to imagine and create ecological relations and regenerative futures through art-making. Rooted in collaborative, process-based and experimental practice, the artist investigates local ecologies and global environmental concerns, emphasising new methodologies that locate the complexity of ecosystems at the centre of creative practice. She utilises bio-informed processes to investigate the entanglement of symbiotic collaborations between environment and organism; human and non-human ecologies. Wood's installations draw on the techniques of scientific enquiry and museum display; drawings and sculptural objects sit alongside an archive of research, process, and materials, allowing audiences the opportunity to investigate the entangled network of issues that inform my practice. Shadowing the methodology of an ecologist or materials engineer, she seeks to challenge the power of the scientific voice, exploring unorthodox relationships between art and ecology. Maintaining a practice focused on co-existence, Wood navigates system complexity through multi-species collaboration with ecologists and mycologists, seaweed, plants, and fungi.
The artist is currently studying Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art.
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