Following the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow, No Arrow of Time brought together a group of artists making work in response to and actively engaging with climate and ecological perspectives and issues. The exhibition at Box Hub aimed to extend the discussions and activities taking place in the city. Running alongside this CAN (Circular Arts Network) set up a resources unit to redistribute used, spare or surplus materials; encouraging the reuse and recycling of materials used for exhibitions; whilst also exchanging labour and skills for the benefit of the local arts community. The open call set-up brought people and communities together to form a network of individuals: fostering and enabling positive action to challenge climate change in Glasgow’s creative community, the wider Glaswegian community and beyond.
Myseatium, 2021
 Mycelium, birch plywood, watercolour on paper, mushroom paper, mushrooms, glass jar, plastic tub, size variable.
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