When a city's escape routes are cut off, patches of green provide valuable breathing space to those squeezed within: larger, longer, looser breaths.
We will be etching pathways and forging fresh movements. Away from the routes we have come to rely on for connection, the exhibition Routing will reveal collective routes of thought that have been stretching and conjoining in darkness.
Held in the wildlife garden, that lies at the end of Lilybank Terrace, the event will celebrate the spaces that have caught so many of us when our cautious paths have become clogged.
As lives begin to intertwine again, we can journey joyfully towards the known physical.
Phytogram Series, Phytogram installation, 2021
Documenting the duration of the event through pinhole photography
Pinhole photograph, Glasgow University Wildlife Garden, Glasgow, 04/06-09/06, 2021
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