UNBOUND is our soaring response to a year of obstacles. Meeting
challenge with colour, overcoming space limits with imagination, and
connecting across screened boundaries – we have produced this
publication showcasing art we have created over the duration of the past
year. A highly tactile record, this is our group exhibition in book format.
Countering the confines of Covid-19, we wish to connect with you and
build up our peer network before graduating into the art world next year.
Curated by a team of 3rd Year Painting and Printmaking students as a
collaborative effort, UNBOUND delivers you a chance to find out
about next year’s graduates – and gives 50 peers the opportunity to
exhibit their work amongst a collective.
Following weeks of online meetings, staring through digital screens, using
editing software, proof-reading, and securing funding, we now present
three student-led exhibitions in the form of Three Chapters within this
book. Each Chapter has a theme that loosely connects the artists and
their work.
Please sit down comfortably and allow yourself to be taken on a page
by page journey. Walk through our UNBOUND gallery and connect with
these special artists in the making.

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